The Midderlands Expanded - An OSR Setting Expansion

Created by Glynn Seal

The Midderlands Expanded - An OSR Setting Expansion
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An expansion to The Midderlands OSR Setting and Bestiary. For Old school roleplaying games, in particular Swords & Wizardry (D&D clone)

Raised in Kickstarter
£15,634.00 / 381 backers
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Filler Art Book Competition WINNER!
20 days ago – Fri, Jun 01, 2018 at 05:17:19 PM

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Print Proofs Have Arrived
30 days ago – Tue, May 22, 2018 at 11:42:43 PM

Super-quick update, Midderlanders!

The print proofs arrived today, and other than a couple of tweaks everything is good to go :). Note that the map/mood art is shown on A3, but will be A2 in the final product.

Print Proofs
Print Proofs

I have also upgraded the GM screens and die-drop to a better 400gsm card stock for the final product. It costs a little more but will be a better product for it.

And one final note, is that the number of copies from the original print run for the first The Midderlands book is now down to single figures!! That means we have almost 500 hard copies of the first book out in the wild! That's staggering and humbling. Thanks to all of you.

Don't worry, the hard copies of the first book needed to fulfill this KS are reserved :)

Limited hard copies will be available at UK Games Expo (UK) via Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Squarehex, and NTRPG (USA) via Black Blade Publishing.

Enjoy whatever you are doing this fine Tuesday, thanks,

Glynn and the team.

Survey Lockdowns, Last Chance for Add-ons, and Credit Card Charges
about 1 month ago – Sat, May 12, 2018 at 07:44:41 PM

Hi Havenfolk,

Survey Lockdowns, Last Chance for Add-ons, and Credit Card Charges

Last call to remind you that I will be locking down surveys this coming Tuesday morning (15th May) at 10am (GMT) for those of you that have answered the survey.

19 people have still not completed their survey, so if you can do this over the weekend, that would be fantastic. Link to retrieve lost surveys here:

I will then proceed to charge credit cards (for non-PayPal payers).

So, it's the last chance to grab any add-ons you need this weekend at this link:

Quick Project Status

I've been making proofreading changes and finishing the indexing this week, and once the surveys are locked down, I will be plugging in a few pieces of filler art, and getting the final files prepped and off to the printer at the middle/end of next week! :) Woo hoo!

As a slight bonus, I had 20+ pages of extra content after layout, so I have moved all the rivers and lakes/lochs text and a few pieces of art to a separate publication called The Midderlands - Rivers & Lakes. This will be a free PDF for all backers. I will also create files for a print-on-demand version if anybody wants to buy that later.

GM Screen

I think I mentioned this in the last update, but the GM Screen is finalised and will contain much of The Midderlands-specific tables/information (like Gloom-touched Deformities, etc) as opposed to specific S&W rule information.

Art Book Competition & Art Licensing

I've got all the data for the raffle list now, so I just need to draw some final filler illustrations and then I'll announce the winning backer! Note that not all pages contain art - some are blank.

I can also then attend to the creation of the art pack to license out to you Leechfield Lord backers.

So, things are progressing nicely and I'm really happy so far. Onward to victory!

Many thanks, Glynn and the team.

Progress so far...
about 2 months ago – Wed, May 02, 2018 at 05:16:40 PM

Hello Havenfolk,

It's time for a progress update as we near the point of the add-on lockdown on 15th May. This is when those that have not paid via PayPal will get their cards charged.

I have placed the order with the printer today, so they can start to get materials and things arranged.

Status of the Items

Book: The book has been edited, it has also been laid out and sent for final proofreading. Whilst I wait for that, I'll create any small bits of filler art, and then on 15th May, when the add-ons are locked, I will know who has ordered leather covers and can add their Kickstarter names to the roll of honour at the front of the book...

GM Screen: This is the GM-facing side of the penultimate version:!Asryxq7YIiBZg80TiDgHG64XpdxZIw

It's Midderlands-centric by popular demand, and also has the Attack Tables for Ascending AC and the Monster Attack Table for Descending AC. It will get a final check and tidy-up once the printer has confirmed the exact art area/fold area sizes.

OGL/Die-Drop Card: Files are printer-ready.

Map/Mood Art: This is almost ready to go, and is just waiting on final proofread checks in case it flags up any issues with the names or locations on the map.

Muckulus & Serpentking Leather Covers

Those of you who have ordered add-on leather covers will get your Kickstarter name listed at the front of the book when I come to lockdown on the 15th May. I will then place the order with Randy. It's not too late if you have added one on yet.


It's not too late to boost your order with some extra maps, books, bookmarks, leather covers. The clock is ticking, you have 12 days left.

Surveys Outstanding/Shipping Payments

There are still 19 unanswered surveys. Some of those are for shipped goods, so check your emails and if you haven't got the survey for any reason let me know. I will need to get the shipping costs payment before I can ship the goods.

Origins Awards and ENnie 2018 Awards

The first book (The Midderlands) has been entered into both of the above.

The ENnie submission deadline is 8th May, so hopefully we make it through to nominations by the judges. If we do, your support in this part of the process would be highly valued. Origins nominees are announced this month. Fingers crossed.

I'll update with links closer to the time when I know more.

In closing...

Thanks all for the fabulous support and making this a real pleasure to work on. In the next update hopefully the files will be at the printers and we are then playing the waiting game. It looks like we are going to be ahead of schedule, so all is looking good.

Thanks, Glynn and the Team.

GM Screen Feedback
2 months ago – Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 01:12:12 AM

Hi all,

Progress is going well.

Just waiting on last chapter of editing before I attack the final internal book layout. Endpapers are designed, as well as the book cover, so it is looking good so far.

I am turning my attention to the GM Screen in the meantime.

GM Screen WIP - click for higher resolution version on OneDrive
GM Screen WIP - click for higher resolution version on OneDrive

This is my draft copy for feedback and comments. Let me know if there is anything you feel doesn't work or needs refining/adding in the comments below.

My current internal debate is about the Attack Tables (Table 29, 30, 31 and 32 in the S&W Complete rulebook) which are not included in the sample, but take up a lot of room on the screen. What is important on the screen and what isn't that could be sacrificed to include these?

Feedback very much appreciated,

Many thanks, Glynn and the team.